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Shortcut Virus Remover Full Version Download here for free. Often computer users have to move data from one PC to another PC. There are various methods to move data from one PC to another but mostly computer users use a universal serial bus which is referred as a USB. Sometimes users face problem while moving data from one PC to another. The data, files or anything in the USB converts into shortcuts. Actually this happen due to a virus. Virus is a program or set of instructions that infects your computer and your data. Virus or malware is a program that, when executed or activated, replicates by reproducing itself again and again. It starts copying its own source code everywhere or it starts modifying other programs.

Shortcut Virus Remover

Shortcut Virus Remover

As a result, your computer becomes slow because of execution of this program as it is consuming a lot of your computer`s ram. In case of USB, your data is replaced by shortcut files. Now your data covers the space which is actually required for that data to be written on USB. But what you find inside your USB is just a shortcut of those folders or files that you placed there. So in this case virus is modifying your files and folders. But don`t worry there are antivirus software or programs available which will solve your problem. An antivirus can detect and remove virus from your system or USB. So when where you share your data or receive data via a USB, do perform the security check by scanning the removable device attached with your system.

 If you don`t have an antivirus and you want to resolve this shortcut problem, there is another solution for you. You can open your WINRAR application and from there you can access the removable device. WINRAR will show you original files only. So you can copy your data easily from there but remember not to open the USB drive directly from “This PC” or “My Computer”. In case you open an infected USB directly without scanning, it will activate the virus and your computer will be effected.

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Features of Shortcut Virus Remover Software:

  • The matter in fact is that with this tool you can remove shortcut virus from both the hard drive of your computer and also from the portable flash drive or USB. That will save all your data.
  • Their will be in detail scanning if the virus is hiding any where else.
  • The threat completely eradicates. Shortcut Virus Remover v3.1 tool is very small in the hence will save you precious space on the system hard drive.
  • Specially if you are using SSD. They are way too expensive then the ordinary hard drives and so is the space on it.

How to Use Shortcut Virus Remover?

  1. Hence just quickly to remove the shortcut virus. I mean from any where. I literally mean that from any where. Download this small tool. Install it. Run it. And hurrah !
  2. How simple is that. Prior to performing the scan for virus detection, you can make the process more quick. By simply selecting between system hard drive and USB.
  3. That which you want to be get clear. So that will save you the hell of time. As USB have less space on it, so it is real time quick with USB’s. Rather then it is with system hard drives.
  4. But be patient as what you get in the last is worth waiting. Get rid of the freaky and creepy shortcut virus from your digital life.

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