Smadav Pro 2016 + Registration Name and Key Free Download

Smadav Pro 2016Smadav Pro 2016 full version free download here at Excellent antivirus solution for your computer. Remove all types of viruses and malware from you system. Perform deep scans of computer/ system. Do very quick scans. Scanning efficiency is very good. Scans your system files totally. Remove any type of threats that can damage your system. It is very light antivirus program. Does not reduce system speed when running. Is a basically Indonesian oriented local antivirus program. Thus becoming famous worldwide. The reason behind is the high working efficiency of the antivirus program, its small size, easy to use and effectiveness.

However the default operating language is Indonesian, although you can change the language to English. You have to change the language to English twice, 1st at the start of installation wizard. Will ask you to choose the language between Indonesian and English for the installation wizard. Secondly when the installation step completes and at the end again ask for the language option, that in which language you will like to use or operate the program, so for the users other than Indonesia, English is the best option.

Has the function in which with the help of pre enabled system editor you can easily enable or disable the system application. System editor also helps you to hide or show the system applications according to your choice. Task bar and windows explorer that can also be adjustable and editable with the help of system editor. Task Manager, Msconfi, Command Prompt and Reg Edit can be forcefully opened with the help of the feature known as Win Force. That force fully open all of the above mentioned. These all frequently do not open in the virus infected systems. An additional feature is present with which you can lock and unlock you system hard drive, this feature is known as Smad-Lock. Customize the antivirus according to your taste. This customization can be done with the help of setting at different levels, such as basic settings, advance settings and language settings.

Features of  Smadav Pro 2016 Full Version :

  • With Smadav Pro you can thoroughly scan your system.
  • Also can scan a specified drive.
  • Hence quickly scan a specified drive.
  • Deep scan any drive on the system.
  • Thus has the ability to specifically scan any area on your system.
  • Scan all the area on your system.
  • Perform deep scan of the specified system area.
  • Can do thorough and quick scan of the system area.
  • Access the current scan reports.
  • Give suggestions after scanning the system.
  • Adjusts the options after scanning basing on the report.
  • You can search out the hidden files that are affected and causing troubles for your system to run smoothly.
  • Find out the registry path and fix it.
  • Tells you the type and kind of virus present on your system that is affecting the computer functioning.
  • Has the protect tab which is for the manual update of the program.
  • Upload the updated virus reports through protect tab into your antivirus, so that you can make the system defense against viruses updated and stronger.
  • With huge number of tools that you can easily find in the tool tab.
  • Diversified number of tools present to assist you in the process of removing virus from your system.
  • Manage tab in which you can manage the process same as in the system task bar. This is because in most of the cases the virus blocks you up from opening the system task bar.

What’s New in Smadav Pro 2016 Full?

It is the software automatically that can be updated to the new release or to newer version. So the older edition updates to the newer one. Newer version always have some improvements. The newer version has compatibility issues resolved. Is more efficient and reliable. Fixed errors and bugs. Major issues fixed. You can add exceptional list for any software, program, procedure and file. You can set a password usually known as administrator password for the restriction, limitations and permissions to access the program. Also the change the color scheme of the software. That is the color of the appearance theme. The most frequently or default theme color scheme used is green.

The most explained and easy to understand user interface. List of Different tabs are present at one side with very large font. The name of each tab is written. To make it easy for users to operate the software. The global fame of the software is increasing day by day. The number of users of the software around the globe are also increasing with time. As the time is passing the software is becoming better. This version and new release of the software is performing better than the previous ones. This new release is easy to download and install, even over slow internet connections. As it is of very small in size. Easy to install and simple to understand and use. You cannot get anything better like this one. This has all one type of thing. Enjoy the charms of different antivirus programs in this one software.

How To Register Smadav Pro 2016?

  1. Download the setup for Smadav Pro 2016 latest. From the download link for the setup.
  2. After completing the download Smadav Pro 2016 setup file. You have to download the file containing the Smadav Pro 2016 registration name + key.
  3. Now when you have both the downloaded files, so disconnect your system from the internet connection. You can either do that from the options in the computer or you can do that removing or switching off the internet source.
  4. After the internet connection being remove next step is to install the Smadav.
  5. When you have installed the program next step is the registration of the program.
  6. Use the registration name and key for registering the software from the file that you have downloaded earlier.
  7. With latest name and key your program will be register.
  8. Enjoy the charms of the Smadav Pro 2016 activated full version.



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