Tor Browser Free Download Latest Full Version

Tor Browser Free Download Latest Full Version

Tor Browser Free Download

Tor Browser Free Download Latest Full Version, from A complete solution for online web surfers. This browser gives you ultimate online protection and final approach. This browser is basically a network bundle. Which develops its own web connection. It does not allow destination websites to capture or store or spy your online surfing habits. So you can simply also access the blocked websites through tor browser,as it by passes the network default settings and develops it’s own private network connection with the Web.

Working of Tor Browser:

  • You should use tor browser bundle with full protection and precautions, don’t use any other configured browser installed on you computer at does not protect you privacy and online surfing experience. So always from the start try to use tor web browser.
  • Don’t download or use torrent files through tor web browser. As all the torrent files by passes the tor proxy settings. Hence other end operators in this way can get your system and internet history / habit information. as this is the way in which torrents work. So simply you are adviced not to use torrent on tor browser.
  • Don’t install and use any browser extensions and plugins. As the are IP exporter, hence can damage your privacy over internet. So that you cannot achieve the purpose for which you installed the tor browser.
  • Make sure that on tor you use the HTTPS format of websites. As this helps tor to encrypt the websites with in the tor network, ensuring your anonymity.
  • One most important thing that do not open the document and other such files that you have downloaded from the internet through tor browser, while you are still online. Here also it is for your privacy protection.

Tor Browser Free Download Latest Full Version



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