Windows 8 Professional Key Free Download Here !

Windows 8 professional key download free here for the free registration of Windows 8 professional. Windows 8 professional is windows which provides the facilities of user to use an efficient operating system. This windows focus on rues requirements. Windows 8 professional is a good and efficient windows to PC and laptops, and also be efficient for touch screen laptops or tablets. Windows XP or windows vista do not provide multi touch facility but windows 8 professional provides this facility. The new apps, new features, new functions make this windows different than other windows. Windows 8 professional provides the simple management tasks to user.

Windows 8 Professional Key

Windows 8 Professional Key

Features of Windows 8 professional:

Lot of features found in windows 8 professional. These features are useful and good. Now we discuss all these features in this topic.

1 – Windows 8 32 bit professional provides the facility of security boot.

2 – The major feature of this windows is that it provides best facilities for office use. An office worker which needs a best and personal operating system windows 8 32 bit is best for these persons. Because it has many facilities for office users.

3 – Windows 8 64 bit professional provide the facility of bit locker. This feature is one of the best feature of this windows.

4 – Windows 8 professional provides the facility to access active directory where a user can change and set the PC managements as well as security policies with the help of Group policy feature.

5 – Windows 8 professional also provides the facility of booting from VHD this feature introduced in windows 7 firstly after this this version also has this feature.

6 – And the other most important and best feature of windows 8 professional is that it offer you the facility of remote desktops. This feature is not found in previous windows like windows XP or Windows vista but windows 8 32 bit professional also has this feature.

7 – Bit locker to go is another important feature which is found in windows 8 professional this feature is one of the best feature of this windows.

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Windows 8 Professional Key

Windows 8 Professional Key

System Requirements for Windows 8 professional:

System requirements of windows 8 professional.

1 – The first thing which is required is processor because every windows require the processor to installing and windows 8 also need 1 GHz processor to installing windows.

2 – And the other important thing that is require to install windows 8 professional is RAM every windows required RAM to installing. And windows 8 professional also need 2 GB of RAM to installing.

3 – And the next important thing which is required to install a windows is hard disk space.  Windows 8 professional also need 16 to 20 GB of hard disk space to installing a windows.

4 – And we know that a graphic card is require for every windows so windows 8 professional also need a graphic card.

Windows 8 Professional Key

Windows 8 Professional Key

How To Use Windows 8 professional key?

  1. Download Key.
  2. Open file.
  3. Copy Key.
  4. Paste key.
  5. Proceed with installation or activation, which ever process you are doing.
  6. Enjoy the full activated/ registered Windows 8 professional.

Windows 8 Professional Key

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